Climate Control System

Is your car or truck AC system not cooling the passenger area of your vehicle like it should? Can’t recall when you last had your AC system serviced? We can help!

Axle and CV Joint Repair

Over time, CV joints and your vehicle’s axle components may require maintenance or replacement services.

Brake Repair

We can inspect and service the various components of your vehicle's brake system to ensure they're kept in good working order.

Drive Shaft Repair

Drive shafts must remain light weight, strong and vibration free to smoothly power your vehicle. If you notice an unnatural vibration, clunking or squeaking, there may be an issue with your vehicle’s drive shaft.

Cooling System Repair

Diagnosing radiators, transmission coolers in passenger vehicles and trucks. After all, a well maintained vehicle cooling system is vital for reliability.

Electrical and Electronic systems

Our ASE-certified technicians can diagnose and repair a range of electrical and electronic system problems including hard to find intermittent faults.

Engine Diagnostic Performance

If you have noticed that your vehicle’s check engine light is on, or have concerns about the performance and efficiency of your vehicle, contact us.

Exhaust System Repair

Kesler Tire can inspect your vehicle's exhaust systems, EGRs, repair cracks, dents, clogged DPFs and more. Book your vehicle in today.

Lube Oil and Filter Change

Regular lube and fluid services in your is a great step when it comes to preventative maintenance and ensuring reliability.

Mobile fitting

Let one of our ASE-certified technicians provide you with convenient on-site tire and glass services at your home or place of business.

Preventive Maintenance

Our ASE-certified technicians will ensure that your preventative maintenance services are completed to meet your vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations.

Roadside Assistance

If you find yourself suddenly stranded with a broken down vehicle or a flat tire, Kesler Tire can help.


We can test your car battery, and if you need a new battery, we supply and fit quality batteries at affordable prices.

Steering and Suspension System

Are you looking for a steering and suspension service near you? Kesler Tire can help.


The TPMS (tire pressure monitoring system) on your vehicle is an important safety feature, let one of our ASE-certified technicians ensure that your vehicle’s TPMS is in good working order.

Tire Services

Find out more about the range of tire services we provide, including wheel balancing and tire repair.

Transmission Repair and Service

We can diagnose driveline issues such a slipping transmissions, failing clutches, old transmission fluid and worn out synchros. For transmission repairs, come see Kesler Tire.

Vehicle Inspection

Whether you require a vehicle inspection annually, before vehicle registration renewal, or during the sale and transfer of a vehicle, we can help.

Wheel Alignment

Correct wheel alignment is important for your on-road safety and helps to promote tire longevity.

Wheel Services

High quality aftermarket wheels for your truck, car or SUV. Kesler Tire supplies and fits a great range of steel, aluminium and aluminium alloy wheels. Ask us about a wheel and tire package for your vehicle.

Classic Car Servicing

Our ASE-certified technicians have the expertise and passion to service and repair your classic car with the attention to detail that your pride and joy deserves.